Creekwood Professional Park

Professional Office Space That Is Truly Affordable

Like never before, the current construction of the Creekwood Professional Park is truly affordable for so many. The members of Creekwood, L.L.C. understood the frustration of professional business owners not being able to acquire land, surcharge the ground for building, build a building on site and then properly design and build out the interior. For many, it has been initially cost prohibitive. The solution? The Creekwood Professional Park is a planned development professional park. What is a planned development park? It is a commercial condominium regime, very similar to a residential condominium association. You do not have to own or lease an entire building – unless you so desire. Rather, you can own or lease a portion of an entire building that suits your needs. Whether you own or lease, you become a member of the owner’s association that is responsible for all the common areas of the entire professional park, i.e. lawn and parking lot.

Each office unit is automatically a member of the commercial owner’s association; hence, able to be a part of the overall decision making process for the entire common areas. The benefit of a mandatory owner’s association? The entire professional park will be properly and equally maintained for aesthetics. Also, the costs for snow removal and upkeep will be shared by each office unit proportionate to the total office space of the professional park. It is a considerable savings and protection of good looks as to all “neighbors” within the owner’s association.

The benefit of buying or leasing office space with Creekwood Professional Park? This unique concept to Norfolk, Nebraska, has many positive benefits as realized in other communities. A considerable cost savings on the construction of the individual building or office unit; use of all of the well maintained common areas of the entire professional park; for those buying, it allows being able to have sufficient office space and not be forced to have to overbuild or squeeze into too small of space; locating in a very nice area in the continuously developing part of Norfolk; controlled environment as common architecture is to all building and appearance, landscaped green space and ample parking.

The park will also have landscaping consisting of a lawn with underground sprinklers, trees and uniform signage. The maintenance and upkeep will not have to be individually contracted; rather, will be uniformly addressed by the commercial owner’s association.

The Creekwood Professional Park is located in Southwest Norfolk, just off Highway 275 on 37th Street.


Creekwood Professional Park has access from 37th Street and Koenigstein Avenue. The professional park is located on a four acre site and will have four uniformly sized and designed buildings consisting of approximately 10,500 square feet for each building. As construction is just commencing, the requested size of any office unit can easily be designed for your needs.

Current space available: finished and unfinished space from 2,000 square feet up to 10,000 square feet.

Creekwood Site Plan

To get more details, please feel free to contact any one of the following:
Buster Beckenhauer, (402) 371-5363
Garry Murren, (402) 371-9478
Tim Brogan, (402) 644-7242