About Beckenhauer Construction

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Company History
Beckenhauer Construction was born in Wakefield, Nebraska in 1878. In 1909 the operation moved to Norfolk and the business has remained here since. Currently in its fifth generation, Beckenhauer Construction has left a legacy of numerous churches, schools, hospitals, business's, and public facilities all across Nebraska. Many facilities built in the twenties and thirties still are actively serving their purpose.

Corporate Overview
Beckenhauer Construction has made a corporate commitment to being a leader in the field of Construction Management and Design/Build. Our relationships are built upon trust, honesty and integrity as evidenced by our many repeat clients - many of whom have been shared from generation to generation.
Beckenhauer Construction is a family owned business. Our corporate officers began their career working as laborers, like everyone else does. This field experience gives project coordinators the ability to dissect a project in its conceptual stage and uncover elements of time, budget and constructability that could adversely affect the project.
This period of mentoring and work experience is invaluable to our corporate staff through the entire process of design and construction.

Mission Statement
To provide unparalleled service to our clients and to strive for superior performance and absolute reliability.

Vision Statement
To focus our unwavering dedication to the task of turning our client's vision into reality.

Value Statement
To hold to the standards of quality, reliability, integrity, honesty, and a caring Christian work environment.